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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

Should ABFMB do this? True Buzz!




Does anyone want to see ABFMB do this?





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08/19/2010 8:19AM
Should ABFMB do this? True Buzz!
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08/19/2010 8:58AM
Do it, Do it!!! Hell, I would. It's a great photo.
08/27/2010 2:43PM
I am not an avid listener and don't even like true blood. I have googled true blood rolling stone cover since your show on it and haven't seen it until today when I finally looked on the site and I thought it sounds absolutely hilarious, and by the way you three were talking about it made is sounds all the better. I know there are not many comments..but there are many a people waiting for a friend to show them, or to hear about the true buzz picture. So go get the BBQ sauce and shoot that shit because it will be a photo Kansas will never forget!
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