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Paul Shirley's Letter To Haiti...


All we can say is wow...

Click here to read Paul Shirley's letter to Haiti.

01/27/2010 7:50AM
Paul Shirley's Letter To Haiti...
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01/27/2010 1:00PM
Paul Nothing of what he said was off base. Our own State Department advised against traveling to Haiti in November of 2009 and deemed the entire nation "criminal". Read the post above.
01/27/2010 7:02PM
Where's the racism in this article? So many people are blasting Shirley for racism and I'm just not seeing it. Shirley brings up many great points that I think should be considered without holding a torch and a sawed off shotgun. Isn't re-building a city in an area prone for disasters like parking your car on train tracks, having it get hit by a train, then buying a new car just to park it on the tracks again? Then there are the people in California that get their houses burned down just about every year when the wildfires break out, yet those individuals have re-built year after year. New Orleans? People moved back. Haiti was a disaster waiting to happen and there were warning signs for years. Though perhaps it is difficult to debate how direct aid should be handled, Shirley's article allows us to wonder how a disaster can be prevented from happening again. If we simply throw money at the problem for Haiti to re-build, isn't another disaster guaranteed to happen? By the way, it was ridiculous ESPN let him go for this. Freedom of speech....what happened to that?
01/27/2010 7:16PM
I agree with Mr. Shirley's comments. Someone needed to say it. Everyhing he said was true.
01/28/2010 6:31AM
Too bad this ass hat had to use a national tragedy to feed his hunger for media attention. As we all know none of us had heard of him before this blog because he is a bench warmer who gets traded to a different team every year. Maybe this will help him sell that surplus of crappy books he has written about his so called career. Embarrassed he is from KS. Matt Olathe,KS
01/28/2010 11:06AM
Paul, Don't you find it a bit ridiculous that you're referencing a website titled ''?? Not only that, but you actually think it to be credible and unbiased? You're worse than the Fox News advocates. Go play in traffic.
01/28/2010 12:18PM
Sorry Lazlo, I have to agree with Paul. He has many valid points. I don't think ESPN should have fired him for having an opinion, on his personal time. He is better off without them. Good Luck Paul, hope you keep telling it like it is!!
01/29/2010 9:58PM
scott geiger
Who is Paul Surely? Who cares what he has to say?
09/10/2010 4:05PM
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