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Monday September 10, 2012

  In headlines today the guys discussed very important issues facing our nation while picked up Chipotle.  

Listen to this segment while looking at the pictures below. 

   Slimfast has 9/11 fatigue.  

  Is Slimfast sunburnt or mad?  We don't know!  

  If you're a man and love to smoke weed... I can't even finish this sentence.  Just listen.   

  Do you wish your parents made you into a baby prodigy?  

  Let's talk presidential campaigns.   

  Sports with Danny Parkins! 

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,

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09/10/2012 6:06PM
Monday September 10, 2012
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09/10/2012 9:25PM
Ever heard of a screen?
Matt Cassel threw at the defender's foot on purpose, because it was a screen pass that Atlanta was sitting all over. BEST case scenario if he actually tried to throw to the only route available on that type of play? Incomplete pass. Worst case scenario? The easiest pick 6 you can get in the NFL. A screen pass is something you call when you're anticipating zone coverage. The offensive line intentionally allows the defense into the backfield while (typically a halfback, but sometimes wide out) drifts into the flat with OL/WRs/TEs sliding in front to set blocks. Unfortunately, this kind of play does not work when there's man to man defense, or, at least a hybrid zone/man coverage where someone's covering the intended receiver personally. He can just stand behind the single available route, and without really doing anything else, completely disrupt the play. If an interception occurs on this type of play, there's NO ONE that's going to be able to catch the defender since the play happens so close to the line of scrimmage. Crapping all over Cassel because he recognized that he could not throw to the only route available is stupid. For the record, I'm not a big fan of Matt. But that's a really crappy play for everyone to harp on him for, when he was actually doing the smartest thing he could do in the situation. A fucking sports guy that works for a fucking sports station couldn't even figure that ess out. Go figure. I can't be any less likable/knowledgeable than Parkins, and I'd definitely work cheaper. Lemme do the damned sports segment.
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