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The Church of Lazlo


Monday January 6, 2014

  In headlines today we discussed so many important things.  Just click the button.  

  Lazlo knows why we all got sick.      

  Sometimes it's hard to be a KC sports fan.       

  The Church of Lazlo Celebrity Death Pool brought to you by!   

  We may have missed an important phone call.       

   A potpourri of a conversation.  

  And now about xmas with my dad. 

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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01/06/2014 5:17PM
Monday January 6, 2014
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01/06/2014 8:17PM
Audio links broken
Half of the Church of Lazlo links from today's show are token. Unable to play audio. Possible to fix?
01/06/2014 11:48PM
Same here..... Please help Meredith. We missed you all.
01/07/2014 7:45AM
Waited 2 weeks for you to come back and now "cannot play audio file...." Sucks. :(
01/07/2014 8:51AM
Meredith, PLEASE fix the links! We will love you forever!
01/07/2014 9:18AM
Way to go Meredith.
01/07/2014 9:20AM
01/07/2014 9:43AM
welcome back!
the files that are broken are 2,3,4,5, and 7
01/07/2014 9:44AM
welcome back!
8* not 7
01/07/2014 10:20AM
Fix it, Fix it, Fix it
Meredith please get the links working again. I need my Church of Lazlo fix!
01/07/2014 12:15PM
Pee Pants Rocks!
Goooo Pee Pants!
01/07/2014 12:42PM
let's get this right! make files work. ruining my morning :(
01/07/2014 12:53PM
For the love of god, please update!
...the podcast pretty please? We want to #listen longer :)
01/07/2014 1:58PM
Sad that the audio doesn't work but Meredith's picture of Slimfast and the stripper is hilarious! I'm glad I caught that part of the show yesterday.
01/07/2014 2:23PM
Meredith's Art
Truth. Meredith's artwork has been awesome!
01/08/2014 10:11AM
01/10/2014 12:03PM
Yay for Meredith...
Your Slimfast stripper picture kind of made me think h0rny things!
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