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Monday January 27, 2014

   In headlines today the guys discussed the Grammy's, the last Marlboro man and some other stuff.  

  Have you seen Friday Night Tykes?  

   Weekend recap and a new series to watch.  

  The guy that killed the first Sasquatch and BABY Sasquatch.  Karma is a bitch, Rick.  Karma is a bitch.     

  Lazlo explains the third party perspective.  

  It's Slimfast's cheerleader game!  

  #TeamFatFucks update.  

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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01/27/2014 6:28PM
Monday January 27, 2014
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01/28/2014 1:12PM
...cries after imaginary baby big foot is murdered, laughs at the fact that 55 million real babies were murdered through abortion.
01/28/2014 5:53PM
Randy Filipovic
You know Rick Dyer is a lying, con man hoaxer, right?
01/29/2014 10:25PM
Marc Macaulay
Incredible that you would give air time and credability to such a huge liar. Rick's story keeps changing everytime he tells it. What University????? Whatsamatta U. Obviously the station had a slow news day.
01/30/2014 11:16AM
UFO Phil
I wonder what UFO Phil thinks of big foot
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