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May 24, 2012

Natalie and Cailin

These girls did a couple of fantastic covers of Foster the People. So good!



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50 Shades of Mark

You asked for it and we give it to you! 50 Shades of Grey as read by Mark.


05/24/2012 8:16AM
May 24, 2012
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05/24/2012 9:57AM
Proud Pop
Thank you so much for giving my daughter this oppurtunity. We are forever grateful for you taking the time to listen.
05/24/2012 10:39AM
These girls are amazing. I have known one of them since birth and I have to say these girls deserve this they are great both musically and personality wise. Congrats girls. You will go far in life. Thank you 96.5 the Buzz for giving them this chance.
05/24/2012 10:40AM
Cailin & Natalie
What an awesome job the 14 yr old girls did. We really enjoyed hearing them.
05/24/2012 10:47AM
Good Job Girls!
Cailin is my Great Granddaughter. She is very talented and smart. I am very proud of her and Natalie. I know they will have fun at the Meet & Greet. Thank you, so much for having them on your program this morning. It made their last day of school very special.
05/24/2012 1:40PM
I really enjoyed hearing this performance! AMAZING
05/25/2012 10:55AM
Chase the dream
keep chasing the dream you are young have talent and most imortantly you have the support of your family. Great job Girls!
05/25/2012 4:16PM
Cailin and Natalie!
96.5 The Buzz-Congrats for recognizing Cailin and Natalie. These young musicians are worthy of everything their bright future's hold. You don't know how it warms the heart, that not only did you have them perform a song, but an encore of Ruby! Love their cover of both titles. Way to go 96.5 The Buzz for shining the spotlight on two talented teens!
05/26/2012 2:13AM
WOW Foster the People cover by Natalie and Cailin
I had a hard week, started a new job this week(among other things) and in my rush-ed hurried-ness ,(which stresses me even more when I am feeling judged at a nice new job, my 'big girl job'), you guys played these wonderful songs interpreted by young spirits playing such a beautiful song by Foster the People. It seemed more real than pre-recorded things you always have to play. It really made my day and is finishing up my week while I cry and listen to over and over. Seriously moved and motivated me to try and keep my head up, head up, head up. I'm a lot llike Afentra, I just cry when I'm happy or overwhelmed or whatever. I didn't even know I loved this band so much.
05/26/2012 2:20AM
WOW me again
I didn't even say that the 'Ruby' cover was that one I was talking about.
06/21/2012 6:56PM
I have tried myself and I cannot seem to record these to my computer (well anyway) can I get a cd or MP3 of these, I'm not a huge Foster fan but these are some great songs, better that whats on the album in my opinion! Thanks!
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