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March 30th 2011

War of the Roses (she wont STFU edition)


It's that time of the week again, where we insert ourselves in the middle of people who can't handle their own drama. Give it a listen; Amanda is afraid her friend Candy is boning her BF...ZOMG! Oh and she's a Lawrence chick so, you know, sorry in advance.

shut up donnie

Whew, really makes shaking a woman till she shuts up ok  doesnt it? What will he do?

shut the fuck up donnie


Corporal Punishment still in the US?


Oh these two, can they ever get along? He says "tomato", she says "shut the fuck up," could they be any more compatable? There is nothing like arguing corporal punishment at 08:00 am on a 100k watt stick for compelling content!



Peter Peter Tampon Eater


Meet Chris he eats tampons. . . good for him tampon

(Hey want to see something NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR LIFE. I am fucking serious, there is no reason for you to click this link if you have family or friends or a job. You will profusely vomit. Please understand I just googled "Tampon Eater" and need someone to share the guilt of seeing this. THIS WILL GET YOU FIRED/MURDERED. AGAIN DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK

Actual Tampon Eating


03/30/2011 10:30AM
March 30th 2011
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