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March 21st 2011

Buzz Briefs converted to DHT

Hey look, it's Danny Boi if he had talent or good looks!


Wanna hear something funny? Listen as DB goes from confident to bitch in under 5 minutes. Apparently Propecia reduces your libido and shrinks your weiner. . . haha tiny weiner, tiny weiner, you have a tiny weiner (wait since I'm the one writing this, why don't I stop making fun of myself? siggggghhhhhh tiny weiner) tiny weiner


Hellllllooooooo Black Man!

Spike Lee does not approve


Kids say the darndest things, like pointing out race in a crowded shopping center. Afentra tries to get to the bottom of it while Danny ponders the question, "Hey black people, we cool?" sigh


The Phelps are a comin to KRBZ

Oh Google image search do you ever NOT come through?


Megan Phelps is coming to co-host with Danny Boi after Afentra has this baby. . . maybe. There are some legalities to work out, first of which was the Phelps insistence of running an ad during the show. Don't believe me? Have a listen ghf

The actual ad by itself crazy


03/21/2011 10:12AM
March 21st 2011
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03/22/2011 10:29AM
You guys need to cut it out with Megan Phelps. I get what you're trying to do but they just need to be ignored. Every time you have her on or even mention them it fuels their cause. Don't get me wrong, I find the interviews funny, but I think leaving them in the dark is best.
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