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Iz can haz homo?

Kudos to Shawnee Mission East's counter protest!!

Travis gets fresh with Shirley Phelps....Listen: Phelps and Trav

02/06/2009 8:17AM
Iz can haz homo?
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02/06/2009 5:54PM
I hate to disagree with Afentra but Travis' hopscotch question was hilarious. I could just hear the warped cogs in Phelps jr.'s mind grinding away as she desperately overthinks the question: "hopscotch...pattern of numbers, do they have to do with Satan?.. is hopping on one leg salacious?..does a hopscotch tree signify the Jews trampling on the crucifixtion? If boys play hopscotch are they more likely to be gay? etc." So the classic out, "I enjoyed it as a kid" recalling/blaming childhood, the last refuge of a scoundrel, a time of life where all unintentional blasphemes can be forgiven through a penitent lifetime of fag busting. I was muttering "hopscotch" and laughing about it all day. Nice job TRAV. I think this skinny little smart ass from uber cool Seattle may just fit in 'round here. Keep givin' him hell girls! And thanks BUZZ for supportin' the kids.
02/25/2009 5:51PM
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