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Wednesday February 25 2009


#10 Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me

#9 Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Do Right

#8 Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

#7 Nirvana - Breed

#6 Radiohead - Just

#5 Wolf Parade - Shine A Light

#4 Fugazi - Waiting Room

#3 MGMT - Kids

#2 Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple

#1 Flaming Lips - She Don't Use Jelly

02/25/2009 8:21AM
It's Jon's List
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02/25/2009 9:13AM
One of my favorites! Thanks....
02/26/2009 9:22PM
Thanks, Sondra! And thanks to Affentra and the crew for picking my list out and agreeing to put my shy, groggy, slightly awkward behind on the air. :-p And, dammit.. let's get Gogol Bordello into regular rotation!
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