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Is Afentra Jeriney's Ball And Chain?


Click here to read what started the whole thing!

Jeriney claims she was misquoted so we talked to Crystal from The Pitch who wrote the article!

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05/14/2009 8:35AM
Is Afentra Jeriney's Ball And Chain?
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05/14/2009 10:03AM
Who cares? The pitch is a rag. I wouldn't wrap dead fish with it.
05/14/2009 10:47AM
I can't imagine Afentra being the ball and chain to anybody. Being a ball and chain requires an oppressive personality and Afentra's personality seems incredibly open and inclusive to those around her.
05/14/2009 6:41PM
Wow Asher, that is extremely sensitive and perceptive. Scoops should give you a call. Maybe you can go pick out some pansies together, watch some Martha and create a window box flower garden together. Here's the deal: Jeriney kicks ass, she is destined to go far and is smart enough to know when she is under the tutelage of a brilliant mentor. Scoops is an amazing talent who has learned to control his demons. Sure it is uncomfortable for Jeriney right now, just like it was uncomfortable for Scoops when they put Danny on the show back in the day. Where we goes E-go's. But the Godmother knows what she is doing. She has come back to us from a bigger market with better ratings to move this sleepy middle-of-the-road berg to the fore front of contemporary radio and has the team that can help her do it! LONG LIVE ABFMB. I do not know for how much time we will be blessed with this airwave miracle BUT DIG IT KIDS BECAUSE IT CAN'T LAST FOREVER. Take it from a rancid old fart who has been listening to radio off and on around this town for the past 33 years, this is the best we're gonna get, the best there is from east to west and probably more than we deserve. F-YOU L.A. were doin' it HERE!
05/14/2009 7:30PM
Window box flower garden.....naw.....Make it a window box herb garden and you have a deal!
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