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I think I have a problem....

Ever since I was 16 I had a cell phone. My parents told me to only use it for emergencies and when we got the bill for the first month it was $200. Still to this day I say that every call I made was an emergency...I had to borrow that cute top from my best friend!

Today, I got up and got ready for work, nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow I walked out without grabbing my cell phone! So now, as I sit at work, I can feel the anxiety of not knowing if I'm getting a text message or phone call from a bill collector (not that I would answer it). I don't know why it bothers me so much, no one calls me anyway. I just have this empty feeling because I left a stupid, little piece of technology sitting on my counter!

I think I have a problem....who's with me?

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09/20/2010 9:50AM
I think I have a problem....
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09/20/2010 9:59AM
Alexe Conrad
Amen Sister! ive been lookin for a new job for months and left my cell at home too! I HOPE to God I dont miss out on a job opportunity because of it!
09/21/2010 10:38AM
Billy Benz
Hey heey! I can totally agree, but let me ask you this, does your boss like it when you forget your phone? Also, I bet if you just leave it everday and giv your work number to the ones you care about in case of an emergency you will feel better about your day. . might feel more productive? Less distracted by todays lame world involving too many materialistic items!!! :) Btw your gorgeous, nice pic.
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