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Homegrown Buzz Artists "Alice" In Studio!



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"When I'm Gone"



"Highway Hypnosis"


09/16/2009 8:02AM
Homegrown Buzz Artists "Alice" In Studio!
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09/16/2009 8:37AM
Ellen Selby
hey all! I thought I would just say that I really liked Alice on today's show. I have never heard them but I liked it a lot! thanks for putting them on!
09/16/2009 11:26AM
Jesse Boley
Alice is destined for great things. They are the first band I saw when I moved to St. Joe and now they are finally being heard. I knew then that what I was seeing wasn't all of what I was seeing. Watch them rise.
09/16/2009 2:49PM
leon baascue
Alice is the NEW and Improved, fantastic live shows, was awsome to hear them on the radio, cant wait to see them in a large venue, truely breathtaking and lyrical every song actually tells a story about life, you can tell they live their music. One of their biggest fans, cant push them enough. You guys at the buzz are great for having them on, hope to hear them back SOOOONNNN!!!!
09/16/2009 6:57PM
mike nielson
I have been a huge fan of alice since i first heard them years ago online when a friend showed me, and then when i moved down here i finally saw them and got to know the band. They are not only excellent song writers but some of the coolest people I've met. Best of luck with the album guys, looking forward to it.
09/16/2009 8:03PM
Loved it. My sister(Erika)rocks!
09/16/2009 11:55PM
Abi Hamilton
You guys sounded great! I hope to see you guys play in some larger venues! The rest of Kansas City (and everywhere else) needs to hear you-- And see you for that matter... what hotties!!!!! xoxoxo
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