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Homegrown Buzz Artists The Sailor Sequence


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"Light In The Window"




07/15/2009 7:58AM
Homegrown Buzz Artists The Sailor Sequence
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07/15/2009 10:02AM
Its actually "Light from the Window" just as an aside. In anycase, I am way stoked that you had these guys on here, I have seen them in concert around town 3 times now, and they put on a terrific show. I hope you have more local bands on in the morning, its great for the community and great exposure for the bands!
07/16/2009 7:12AM
One of the best local bands. Great live show. Great new album. Fun people to hang out with.
07/16/2009 10:56PM
These guys are incredible. "5" is such a good album, go to their shows. They are mindblowing live.
07/29/2009 9:46AM
todd dickerson
holy was good. im very impressed!
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