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Hayley Williams of Paramore Twitpic'd Herself Topless (NSFW)


She says her Twitpic account was hacked....what do you think?


Click here for the full story.

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05/28/2010 6:18AM
Hayley Williams of Paramore Twitpic'd Herself Topless (NSFW)
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05/28/2010 7:36AM
don't care if it was hacked or on purpose... I think it's awesome!
05/28/2010 4:44PM
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Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!
05/28/2010 6:00PM
After careful examination of photo, I now have a sticky keyboard... and a few theorys. One: shameless self promotion(page out of Paris Hilton's book), two: pissed off ex-boyfriend looking to make some money, three: she pushed the wrong button(silly as itsounds, keep in mind she sings for a living doesn't belong to geek squad). Now if you'll excuse me, I feel a re-examination coming on.
05/29/2010 10:15AM
its on there for a reason. otherwise they took the pic and then hacked her account to post it instead of just posting it or getting it and selling it.
05/29/2010 10:16AM
but i dont disapprove
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09/09/2010 5:05PM
dont care its hayley williams tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/13/2010 7:48PM
Rules for taking naked pics of urself that r intended to b seen but not by the public Rule#1 and the only rule: never include ur face
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