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The Church of Lazlo


Friday May 9, 2014

  In headlines today the guys discussed the sweetest Skype session, the NFL draft and other hot topics.  

  I was out getting lunch during this segment, but oh, excuse me... it's dusty in here.  

Mail Time!

Perfect Pussy - Interference Fits  

Eagulls - Possessed  

Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures  

  Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes! 

  Slimfast's Survey!  

  Now we gobble clock.  

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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05/09/2014 7:15PM
Friday May 9, 2014
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05/09/2014 7:51PM
How is the blog still broke with a new one up?
05/09/2014 9:35PM
blog still not working
05/10/2014 6:27PM
blog is broken...
It's broken.
05/12/2014 9:17AM
Blog has been working all week, and still working for me :/
05/12/2014 10:17AM
Isnt working for me either. I have an android and an iphone and it doesnt work on either including the app.
05/12/2014 1:22PM
not loading
Now I understand everyone's issues. Loads fine on my desktop, but mobile page just shows the player grayed out. Bored at work, need commentary please :(
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