The Church of Lazlo
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The Church of Lazlo


Friday March 1, 2013

  In headlines today we discussed many things and Slimfast recapped everything with an awesome rap!   

Mail Time!  

Young Blood Hawk  "Stars"  

Fall Out Boy  "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark"  (We turned this one off)

Alpine  "Gasoline"

Two Door Cinema Club  "Next Year

  Pat Robertson is kook.     

  Matt from Rotten Tomatoes dot Com!   

  Slimfast's Survey!   

  Sports and girl talk with Danny Parkins.   

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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03/01/2013 6:11PM
Friday March 1, 2013
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03/01/2013 9:19PM
Woman Firendly show
Nicely balanced and entertaining show for men and women today! Thank you. Please note that many women DO like sports (Afentra) and if Slimfast (BTW great headline rap!) can find some non-sexist lists about sports statistics and women, this will be born out. I AM YOU FATHER, another reason why we listen. I am not a breeder, but I do like a good story! Will be listening or pod casting next week. Don't go anywhere, boring tasks at work are made ever so much more pleasant laughing with you! Cheers!
03/04/2013 4:32PM
Church of Lazlo or Church of Ladies?
You say ladies don’t listen but then you cater to ladies by cutting down sports. Who programs this show? Who is in control of the show? If enough women say they don’t want Meredith, you firing her? What is this demographic worth to you? What if they say they want the lies, is Lazlo going to stop being the “Truth-Teller” Or “Truth-Finder” or whatever. How far does your pandering go? Did you stop to think that some ladies do like sports? Also, you guys abuse Danny Parkins way too much. The two finger taco mess. Cutting down his time. Ridiculous. By the way, you can stop whining about ratings! Why do I say that? Because the top demographic is Men 18-49. You know, guys who like sports. But you are pandering away from that group. Not smart to me but that is your call.
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