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Friday June 6, 2014

  In headlines today the guys discussed teacher student relationships, D-Day and other hot topics.  

  Slimfast found a list for the ladies!  

Mail Time!

Blondefire - Waves  

Miniature Tigers - Use To Be The Shit  

The Burning of Rome - God of Small Things 

Peter Murphy - I Am My Own Name  

The Rentals - Thought of Sound  

The Architects - Cadillac 

  Grae Drake with movie reviews! 

  Lazlo said he was going to the bathroom almost 40 minutes ago.     

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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People : Peter Murphy

06/06/2014 6:08PM
Friday June 6, 2014
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06/07/2014 1:12AM
Good for you, and good for me
Don't get me wrong. I like the boys and their drive-time, semi-contentious, semi-offensive yuk-yuk. But honestly I dug my drive-time home tonight *way* more listening to music than I have listening to them, and "Sweet Jane" was a very sweet surprise. I vote for giving the boys every Friday afternoon off! What better way to prove to corporate that listeners care than by creating a prime-radio-real-estate revolution of listener-driven programming!?
06/07/2014 9:05PM
horrible shoe
I hate Fridays. Too much music. I say give the guys 4 hours of talk no music. Up yours corporate!
06/09/2014 9:15PM
I, for one, would rather hear talk than Meg Myers for the 30th time this week. Keep the talk coming!
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