Resurrection Sunday

The Church of Lazlo


Friday April 5, 2013

  In headlines today the guys discussed many important hot topics and Slimfast freestyle rapped the headlines.  

  Should cops be allowed to smoke on the job?  

  Ladies and gentlemen, WALLPAPER!  

Mail Time!  

Ra Ra Riot "Dance with Me"  

Futurebirds "Virginia Slims"

The Virginmarys "Dead Man's Shoes"

MS MR  "Hurricane"

   And now... KITTEN!       

  Let's talk about supporting one another.  

Thanks for listening today!  We're off to Middle of the Map Fest!

Love Ya, 

04/05/2013 6:28PM
Friday April 5, 2013
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04/07/2013 6:46PM
Gay rights, Kitten and Wallpaper!
GREAT show! I do love you guys, and you always have a great show, but this one is definitely in my top five "Church of Lazlo" shows. I would LOVE a pod cast of this one. Kitten was aMAzing acoustic! This is why you need a web cam in your studio! I would love to see that performance. Thanks for all the strong LGBTQ support. I can't imagine a day in the life without your programming. If there's anything we can do besides listening longer and more often to boost your ratings and make sure you're here for years to come, please let us know. Love ya, sincerely, Krysyina ps: My phone is kinda broke, which is why I have to communicate via Internet as opposed to text, and apparently no longer have any chance of ever winning any tickets from you until I get it fixed.
04/07/2013 7:49PM
Proud: Rights for everyone
Glad that this show continues its positive stance on Gay Rights. Keep it up!
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