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Friday April 4, 2014

Accoridon Covers!

Buzz Briefs

Baseball and births?


04/04/2014 10:31AM
Friday April 4, 2014
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04/04/2014 6:58PM
Commenting on Commenters
FYI; all you people who comment on the commenters are missing the point completely. If the buzz management see negativity; than that is what is associated with this show. If you like this show; say that. Make comments about what you like. If you like the music, say that. If you like Buzz Briefs, say that. If you are a big accordion fan, say that. DO NOT comment on other commenters. Because you are then doubling or other magnitude increasing bad comments. If you do then you are just making the show look even worse. This is a simple statistic. If you like this show; you need to say and show how much you enjoy the show. The ratings are not reflecting it. I do not believe the ratings have anything to do with online content. So you need to off-set that by saying good things. You people are ruining it by commenting on commenters. “Threatening” to take a show away or otherwise complaining about it is only hastening the end of the show.
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