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Febuary 4th 2011

Good News Everyone

You just read that in my voice


Professor Farnsworth here to take you down a lovely road that involves rainbows and gumdrops...with an occasional space wasp. Today on ABFMB we got an unexpectedly delightful interview from Whitney Port (who apparently likes ribs and sweatpants! I love to eat sweatpants flavored ribs too!). We also learned that science is important and getting a poop transplant is finally a reality, the future is now!


Whitney Port

Whitney Port


Listen to my science! Poop can save your life!

The transplant is ready

Danny got himself a sounder so he's gonna shoehorn a science story. This one happens to be about getting a poop transplant that could save your life! Oh and megachurches are going bankrupt right here in OP! I wonder how Jesus would feel about this.

Poop Love


Wilmer Valderrama

Now what tool will save my career?

Wilder gave us a call to promote his new film "Prada to Nada", a Hispanic take on Jane Austin's "Sense and Sensibility". He had us at "East LA."

Handy Manny


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02/04/2011 11:36AM
Febuary 4th 2011
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