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Dad blows up abortion protesters

Unfortunately this dad was losing his baby due to medical reasons, more unfortunately his already painful loss was compounded by uninformed abortion protesters. Fortunately for us he wasn't going to take their baseless attacks lying down, more fortunately for us he recorded the whole thing.



10/26/2010 5:00AM
Dad blows up abortion protesters
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10/26/2010 6:22AM
The same thing happened to us in Louisiana. Our son and Daughter in law were expecting and discovered that our little angel, first grand daughter had anencephaly and spina bifida...both are a Neural Tube Defect and Trisomy 18. She would not live and the amniotic fluid was deteriorating her brain tissue as with Anencephaly, the skull bone does not completely form and her brain was exposed to the fluid. She would suffocate within minutes of being delivered. We did not want the kids to see her suffocate, nor see her skull/brain in that condition. Carrying the baby longer was also dangerous to the Mother as with this you have so much more amniotic fluid that it could rupture the placenta. We made the choice we felt was best for our family. It was awful and if they had given us even a 1% chance of her living we would have taken it. We were confronted with these people, these "christian" people call us murders and sinners. I talked to them and one was rude and one was nicer but I told them that they don't know anyone's story coming here. They don't know how heavy their heart is or how heavy their burden is. That we are thankful she could walk this line with her 6 kids and hopeful that the 7th she was huge pregnant with would be born alive and well. That she should be thankful her kids were healthy enough to walk this with her praying their rosary beads and she should teach them to also pray for the ones that have this heavy burden rather than inflicting their cruelty on them. One man told me that no matter what the situation it was gods will the baby was to die and she should have waited to deliver the baby and return it to earth in a funeral. I was kind and told him in a pissed off Motherly voice...I would pray for his ignorance and his judgmental ideas. then I told him to kiss my ass! lol I have wanted to start a non profit organization to open up places all over the united stated for these women/families to do this with dignity and with love and to be able to celebrate and grieve for their loss. To provide a reflection garden a serene area where they could "feel" this rather than go through what we did that day and what my daughter in law did. It was awful. She was heartbroken as was my son. His first child and then to go through this???? The hospitals wont do this procedure at all and we have to pay a huge amount out of pocket for this. Then the Mother's have to be alone through out this. You can wait in outdoor waiting room of this "clinic" with women making choices for many reasons and wait until your name is called. It should be personal and private. You should be pampered and with loved ones. One family had come from Arkansas clear down to New orleans as that was the closest facility who would do this. Get a grip people! Not everyone is using this for birth control and yes it is awful. We hated it. But, it was what the Dr suggested. We feel this guys pain and am so thankful to hear others speaking out and standing up. We wanted nothing more to see our Grandchild live and be born, to take her first breath, but, it was not to be. Our hearts were heavy and still are and it has been 18 months. It was devastating for both families. My daughter in law is catholic and lives with guilt and shame for this. She suffered nightmares and then to be called a murderer? It is sad. I realize that these people do this because in part they believe in what they are doing, but, also in part it has become a way to stand in judgment of something we don't agree with. To force our opinions on others. It is what gets these people up in the morning so that they feel they are doing something worthy and justly and godly. But, they are judging and cruel and not acting in a christian manner at all. In the opposite actually. They are extremists who believe that they have the right to judge others. There is no difference in what they do then what Fred Phelps does.
10/26/2010 6:33AM
We experienced this same experience in Louisiana. It was awful and these people are pathetic. They have no clue what people are going through that make this decision in the case of fetal demise!
10/26/2010 8:15AM
That was awesome. This poor guy is my hero. He showed what these idiots are really all about. DISPICABLE!
10/26/2010 1:53PM
I totally agree with this man! Everyone has their own opionions but come on! Those woman have no clue what reason woman walk into those clinics. Some can be rape victims or be in the same situation as that man and his wife. They claim to be protesting inthe name of God but thall shall not judge is right there in the commandments! Every sin is leveled evenly. those bitches
10/27/2010 6:19AM
Good for this guy!!! Those ladies are so brain washed it probably didn't phase them and I find that very sad. Funny how in the eyes of "their god" they should not judge others but it never stops them from doing that very thing. Judgement day does come for all of us, no matter what "god" you believe in or what after life you believe are held accountable for your doings in your human life. These ladies and all other judgemental hypocrits will be held accountable for their doings....may your "God" have mercy on your souls. My condolences to this gentleman and his wife.
10/27/2010 9:01AM
That man was 100% correct!!! I love what he did! Those protesters really should be using their time to ACTUALLY do some good, they couldand should try to help under privileged children, poverty stricken children, abused children and at risk children! The world needs less protesters of abortions, and more people willing to help needy kids! These people think they are out doing so much "good work", when all they are doing is judging other people and then trying to hide behind God (who incidentally taught them NOT to judge) they are huge hypocrites! That man is my hero!!
10/27/2010 1:00PM
I heard this on the radio this morning as I was taking my four year old to preschool. It was still on as I pulled in the driveway, so I had to sit there and finish listening to him. I was raised to believe that abortion is not okay, no matter the circumstances. It's amazing how hearing one persons story can change the mind of many. Way to go Afentra! -you big cry baby! Haha
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