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Congratulations To Our 311 Winner!!

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06/15/2009 8:13AM
Congratulations To Our 311 Winner!!
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06/16/2009 4:20PM
wow this is awful
06/17/2009 1:27PM
Couldn't even finish listening to Jaclyn singing? I guess is what one would call it. I call it hog calling. But she had the balls to get up there and do it. Maybe she's deaf tone
06/17/2009 1:30PM
tone deaf that is.
06/17/2009 8:01PM
Haha thi sis pretty awful.. was it her video, not her singing that got her to win??
06/17/2009 10:01PM
hahahaha dear lord. i don't think it would be much worse than average if it weren't for the way she was dancing
06/17/2009 10:04PM
hahaha just watched the whole thing. kind of like a train wreck
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