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Buzzaroke for BUTS 1!

Want tickets to BUTS 1? Here's your chance! Make a video and send it to and you could win!

You can use our BUTS 1 Mix Tape or make your own! LISTEN: AUDIO

Here a few videos for inspirtation....


Entry #1

Entry #2

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05/20/2009 9:11AM
Buzzaroke for BUTS 1!
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05/20/2009 3:01PM
haha i like the last one! hahhaha
05/22/2009 5:30AM
funny how scoops knew the brit song better than all the others. lol loved it!
05/25/2009 10:56PM
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that middle one is me hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! And ._. never heard back from ya'll! But this is making me literally almost pee my pants.
05/25/2009 11:17PM
AND LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL You all used my music mix!!!!!!!!! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!! But made it a better quality. =D
05/25/2009 11:25PM
Sorry, last comment I swear......I LOVE scoops impersonation!!!!! Yeah...I got bored. OK...done with the commenting. =D
05/26/2009 8:29AM
OMG! Carrie, that was soooo funny. I nearly fell on the floor laughing when you smacked your butt. XD
04/24/2010 1:44PM
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