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Billy Bob Thorton's A Douche!

04/09/2009 4:45AM
Billy Bob Thorton's A Douche!
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04/09/2009 7:06AM
I think he was trying to ruin the guy's interview. Instead, Billy Bob came off as a total jackass.
04/09/2009 7:24AM
Man, I wish the DJ would have stuck up for himself. When he wouldn't answer any of his questions how great would it have been if the DJ was like, "Okay, you don't want to talk about your musical influences so we can talk about something else...what was it like to fuck Angelina Jolie?"
04/09/2009 10:58AM
Maybe if he added fiber to his diet, it would help him remove the stick from his ass. What an idiot--he was the one harping on about his "acting" career.
04/09/2009 12:56PM
wow what a giant douche he was both an asshole and an idiot how did he not understand what he meant when he said " when did the band form" is he dumb and when he said " you guys dont really hang out on tour" how do you not know what he means. Maybe just maybe he smoked some Canadian grass or did pcp or something that would explain it. He asked about music and he talks about magazines and monsters who does that i used to like billy but after this i do not
04/09/2009 4:06PM
Ooooo how I wish Afentra had done that interview!!! She would have pwned his arrogant ass.
04/09/2009 6:43PM
joaquin phoenix
I think I did this once before; oh yeah it was with David Letterman's show. I was way less funny this time and far more obvious about the fact that I was trying to be funny. Sincerely, Joaquin Phoenix
04/09/2009 8:45PM
Yeah...the DJ should have totally stuck up for himself what an a-hole.
04/10/2009 3:05PM
You got it Justin, if Afentra had interviewed Billy Bob Pretentious Stoner Blowhard he'd of limped outta there with his ass in his hands (probably his testicles too!). I remember when Jeremy Pivens tired to get too cool with her once a few years back, Afentra handed it to him and Jeremy was never the same again, from that point forward it was all downhill for JP. Don't F__K with the godmother!!!
04/11/2009 11:17PM
Billy Bob had a career in acting, when did I miss I that? !!!!! Whew taht would have been 5 minutes of my life wasted,..... cool.... next !!
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