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Best Wedding Video Ever!!

Scoops and Jeriney love this video...Afentra not so much.

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07/23/2009 4:47AM
Best Wedding Video Ever!!
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07/23/2009 5:56AM
So this is what happens when ravers get married.
07/23/2009 6:10AM
That is the best damn wedding video ever! I had my girls walk down the aisle to "get the party started" but they didn't dance/ :(
07/23/2009 8:51AM
Most awesome. Makes me want to go to a wedding.
07/23/2009 6:03PM
OMG! That was the most awesome walk down the isle! I felt so happy for the whole wedding party :)
07/23/2009 7:26PM
Loved it. When you are happy, just gotta dance.
07/24/2009 11:41AM
Ok, the dance was great but those brown tuxes...blech!
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