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Thursday October 30, 2013
Asa Butterfield

Buzz Briefs


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Wednesday October 30, 2013
War of the Roses


Joel McHale

This guy is funny.

BK Box Cutter Scandal

We spoke to the man who just wanted a chicken sandwich that wasn't cold.

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Tuesday October 29, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Ketchup and someone almost got cut at BK?

What do riddles and giraffes have in common?

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Monday October 28. 2013
Afentra was out today so we gave away some tickets and played some best of segments. Listen longer all week for your chance to win more tickets to shows like Passion Pit, Young the Giant, and The Night the Buzz Stole Christmas!
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Friday October 25, 2013
Concert announcement!

Young the Giant! Novemeber 21st at the Czar Bar!

Sexy Time

Does your partner withhold?

New Arcade Fire
We played the new Arcade Fire album in its entirety. You can now stream it now on youtube.

Johnny Knoxville

Bad Grandpa out today!

Natalie Dormer

Natlie Dormer is in Game of Thrones! Also, new movie The Counselor out today!

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Thursday October 24, 2013
Adam Devine

New show tonight!

Buzz Briefs

What do you think about teachers taping students to chairs?

iPod Shuffle

Mark, Jeriney, and Afentra all put their iPods on shuffle and test your knowledge about their music taste.

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Wednesday October 23, 2013
War of the Roses


Gavin Edwards

Great interview talking about the Viper Room and River Phoenix!

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Tuesday October 22, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Baby Lisa update? Probably not but there's some news.

How do you feel about parking in the handicapped spot?

Mad Men of Craigslist 

Can we help this lady sell her Kiss dvds?

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Monday October 21, 2013
Buzz Briefs

The Chiefs are 7-0! Are you a bandwagon fan? Do you hate the band wagon fans? We at ABFMB, collectively, welcome all fans onto the bandwagon!

Lil' Mama

Lil' mama talking no scrubs. Speaking of... check out Bastille's cover right here:
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Friday October 18, 2013
Afentra was gone today so Danny had some fun with the playlist and gave away Brew at the Zoo passes!

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