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Wednesday July 31, 2013
War of the Roses

What happened?

Mark meets Louis from "We Buy Gold" and they have a dance off.

Buzz Briefs

Who has a buddy pass?

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Tuesday July 30, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Meet and Greet

Louis the dancer/waver

Danny Leaves Us...

Danny heads over to our sister station to fill in and Mark runs the board... This should be interesting. 

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Monday July 29, 2013
Chad Rogers Memorial Fund

If you would like to make a donation to the Chad Rogers Memorial fund, you can go to any US Bank in the country and donate. I'm not sure if many people are aware of that. We love seeing all of these complete strangers contribute to the Rogers family and want you all to get the most out of it. God bless -The Liberty US Bank Team

Also, we were able to secure the gmail account We've done so for a few reasons...

1) To capture, for Matthew, stories about his dad, Chad. This will be one of the best he will be able to learn about and remember his dad. 
2) To provide a way for people to reach Sarah, Greg, DeeDee, Ryan, and Malia. If you would like to pass along a word of encouragement to any members of the family, this will give you a way to do so.
3) To create a centralized place to coordinate volunteer efforts for the benefit concert and road race.

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Meet and Greets... controversy? 

Silver Tickets!

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Friday July 26, 2013
Buzz Briefs

White People Black Magic Accordion

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Thursday July 25, 2013
Buzz Briefs

iPod Shuffle!

Listener Karaoke

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Wednesday July 24, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Help find Chad!

War of the Roses

Chit Chat

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July 15-20, 2013

Afentra and Dannyboi are on vacation so Mark is playing music for you guys this week.

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Friday July 12, 2013

The director of Sharknado joins Dannyboi on the program!

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Thursday July 11, 2013

Check out a song and interview from The Lone Bellow at Kegs and Eggs live from the Firefly Lounge this morning!

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Wednesday July 10, 2013
War of the Roses

Buzz Briefs

Bad things happening nearby...

Mexico beat us in something!

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Tuesday July 9, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Black bear spotted in Lee's Summit.... and a mountain lion in OP?

Tim Roth

This guy is cool.

Anonymous Bobby

He can rap!

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Monday July 8, 2013
Buzz Briefs

ABC news photo credit

Hat Trick

What do these three songs have in common?

Things got interesting on twitter...

This is an ironic hat, by the way.

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Friday July 5, 2013
Single Dad Dating Game

Pat came in studio to find love... Did he?

Parenting Children with Special Needs

One of our listeners is having a fundraiser for a good cause. Check out all the info at

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July 4, 2013
Single Dad Dating Game!

Ladies meet Pat,
ABFMB Single Dad Dating Game

Pat is a devastatingly handsome 28 year old single father, with pythons that would make the rain forest jealous. He's looking for a 24-34 female, kids are totally fine, so don't worry about hiding them for this particular gentleman caller. If you're over 34, don't fret, he will never turn down a good cougar hunt (though, is it really hunting if the cougar willingly walks in front of your rifle?). He wants a woman with a sense of humor, but not a "space cadet" that laughs at everything (poor choice Pat....let them feed your ego). He takes care of himself, so before he can take care of you, you had better make sure there is a little effort to keep up appearances. He likes beer and meat, so Celiac vegetarians need not apply.

Ladies this is the man of your dreams. If you'd like a shot at Dating Pat, email or message Mark [twitter @MarkOfTheBuzz or], and be ready for the ABFMB dating game. MUST BE AVAILABLE TOMORROW (FRIDAY) MORNING. This will all go down in studio around 8:30-ish.

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Wednesday July 3, 2013
Kegs and Eggs plus a few other free shows on 7/11

More free shows for people who #ListenLonger!

War of the Roses

Emily from Pretty Wicked Moms

Danny wants Afentra and Emily to get together for a playdate... this should end well for everyone!

Buzz Briefs

Hat Trick!

What do these 3 artists have in common?

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Tuesday July 2, 2013
Buzz Briefs

Such a sad story where an officer shoots a dog. 

And a recap of the dog story plus a local activist?

Jack Johnson Trip Winner!

Who is our big winner? It's one of these two. #SneakyFlipFlops

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Monday July 1st, 2013
Buzz Briefs

We caught up on last week's news since everyone is back!

Buzz Briefs 2

Sad news outta Arizona.


Conflict of interest?

Pool Vagina

Danny feels uncomfortable at the pool.

Mark gets challenged by an intern

An intern named Joe wants to challenge Mark to an instrument break down or something. This could get interesting.

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