The Church of Lazlo
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"Essential Albums"

(I'm) Stranded-The Saints
Untitled-The Saints
This Perfect Day (single version)-The Saints
Lipstick On Your Collar-The Saints
Peaches-The Stranglers
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)-The Stranglers
Hanging Around-The Stranglers

Melody Lee-The Damned
Looking At You-The Damned
Smash it Up (Part I)-The Damned
Smash it Up (Part II)-The Damned
Respectable Street-XTC
Generals And Majors-XTC
Living Through Another Cuba-XTC
Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)-XTC

The Great Curve-Talking Heads
Once In A Lifetime-Talking Heads
Crosseyed And Painless-Talking Heads
Love Goes On!-The Go-Betweens
Streets Of Your Town-The Go-Betweens
Dive For Your Memory-The Go-Betweens

Good Fortune-PJ Harvey
You Said Something-PJ Harvey
This Is Love-PJ Harvey

The Mess We're In-PJ Harvey w/Thom Yorke

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Friday May 22, 2015

In headlines today the guys discussed the Duggar's, the D.C. murders and other things.

Mail Time!

Modest Mouse - The Ground Walks With Time in a Box

The Moth and the Flame - Young and Unafraid

Hunter Hunted - Blindside

The Struts - Could Have Been Me

Kuroma - Simon's in the Jungle

Sublime With Rome - Wherever You Go

Neon Trees - Songs I Can't Listen To

Walking Man

They guys started off motivated then...

Sports with Danny Parkins!

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,
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Friday May 22, 2015

National Orange Popsicle Week

US Air Guitar Championships in KC!

Buzz Briefs

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Thursday May 21, 2015

In headlines today the guys discussed school lunches, Letterman and other hot tpoics.

Check out this article from NME. Van is the shit!

William Arkin, ladies and gentlemen.

Sports with Danny Parkins.

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,
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Thursday May 21, 2015

Buzz Briefs

Breaking News

iPod Shuffle

Angels and Airwaves

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